Clever Login for Students

Clever login is the simplest way for students to access multiple programs with one login. District schools use the Clever portal to synchronize all Powerschool applications for students/teachers. Students get access to all their enrolled applications in one place. Similarly, it is very helpful for teachers to monitors student’s performance in all the applications from one place.

Clever Instant Login

Clever Instant login means students can access their application in fewer seconds letting teachers spend less class time on login and more time on learning. Students have to just enter one username and password to access all of their application and every resource is just a click away. With Clever, Teachers get more time for instruction in the classroom and Students to get more time to learn. Also read login

clever portal website

Teachers, technology team and even school principals can easily get the right software to the right students and keep tabs on how the application is doing with the clever dashboard. Clever lets teachers and students login seamlessly and securely with their existing username and password from systems like Google Apps, Office 365 and more.

How to Login to Clever

As a student/teacher/school or district administrator, you can login to the clever portal to access your online resources with just a single username and password. Related to this, can be updated at onewire walmart login.

Below are the two ways you can login to clever

  • Clever specific District URL eg.,
  • School Search on Clever Login page.

If you use the school search option, just type in the name of your school and it will take you to your district’s login page.

clever login search for schools option
  • Once you on the login page, you will be prompted to login with the identity that your admins have set up for the district (District credentials like a student or teacher number / Google Apps for Education username and password / an Active Directory username and password / Clever badge.
  • After validating your credentials, you will be taken directly to your personalized portal just click on any resource and you’ll be automatically logged in.

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If you have questions about usernames and passwords?

  • Students should ask teachers for any help in accessing the clever applications.
  • Teachers & Admin should reach the tech department for any help on the application.

Login for Students

Using the clever portal, students can access all the student learning programs from one login. Below are the steps to login clever for students. Related to this, kroger employees portal for its kroger pay stub online.

clever login option
  • Open any browser on your device (Google Chrome is recommended)
  • Access the official portal of from this link.
  • Find more options on the top right corner of the website. Below are some of the available options to choose from.
    • If you are a student, click on the “Log in as a student” option.
    • If you are a teacher/school admin, click on the “Teacher/School Admin” option.
    • If you are a district admin, click on the “District admin” option.
    • If you are an application partner, click on the “Application Partner” option.
  • Next, you need to search for your school. Type your school name in your search box and select your school from the result.
  • Once you had selected your school, now you will be taken to your district’s login page.
  • When you are at the login page, enter the identity that your admin has set up for the district (Student number or teacher number / Google Apps for education username and password / an Active Directory username and password / Clever badge.
  • Once you had successfully logged in, you will be redirected to your personalized portal just click on any resources and you will be logged automatically.
enter your clever login credentials

Portal Login Errors

Most Clever portal login errors can be resolved quickly and easily. Some of the most common errors which anyone face are listed below.

  • Portal URL errors
  • Identity Provider errors

Portal URL errors: It is easy for users to type the wrong clever portal URL. So check whether you had entered the correct district portal URL or make sure you had searched the correct school name on the district search page.

Identity Provider errors: When you try to login with your credentials in Google/Active Directory/Microsoft 365/ and get an error on these pages which implies that the user is typing in an incorrect username and password. Check with your identity provider to verify or reset the credentials.

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Go ahead and login to the clever portal to access your online resources. Have any additional questions, check out the help center at and join the community.

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