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Paying fine bills or traffic tickets is a hectic process, right? Earlier people used to visit the court and had to wait for their turn to pay the fine/bills. Well if you feel the same then we would like to tell you about a portal which is launched by NewJersey. The name of the portal is NJMCDirect, where you can pay your bills as well as parking tickets online. Using this portal you can settle your traffic bills online easily.

This portal is very helpful for people who want to pay their fines/bills online without waiting in court and wasting their time in the queue. Online payments are limited for certain hours only, before accessing it is necessary to know the payment hours. Also read passport publix login for employees.

NJMCDirect – Pay your Parking Tickets Online

NJMCDirect.com is a portal where you can pay fines or parking ticket charges online. In other words, it is the best method to pay your fees, bills, or parking tickets individually without waiting in the courtroom.

Let’s assume that the individual is gone on vacations and the due date is near then the individual can still pay the money before the due date. There is no need to go to court, all he/she needs is a smartphone (or laptop) and a good internet connection (secured internet) and then he/she can pay the fees.

Furthermore, you can also get rid of all those additional charges (in simple words, late charges) but if you failed to pay the money before the due date then you will be paying additional charges.


NJMCDirect.com Online Portal

New Jersey Meadowlands Commission Direct portal helps people to pay their bills or fines directly. This portal is very helpful for people who don’t want to waste their time searching for the nearby court location or working hours of the court. Using this portal, it is very helpful for people to save their time and make their payment on time and can avoid the additional fees if they missed any due date.

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Things Needed for NJMC Direct Payment

Before you pay your fees, ticket, or bills, you need to have certain things that are required to pay the bills. NJMC Direct requires information about the traffic ticket details before you can proceed with payment. At Walmart, associates can access to onewire walmart login.

Below is the list of things required before paying the fees.

  1. Traffic Ticket Number
  2. Court ID
  3. License Plate Number
  4. Type of violation
MODEOnline Payment
STATENew Jersey
HOURS OF OPERATIONMONDAY to Thursday – (4.30 AM to 11.45 PM EST)
Friday – (4.30 AM to 10.15 PM EST)
Saturday – (4.30 AM to 3.15 PM EST)
Sunday – (1.00 PM to 11.15 PM EST )

How to Pay Traffic bills on NJMCDirect.com Portal

If you have violated the traffic rules and the officers must have granted a traffic ticket. Anyone who is having a traffic ticket needs to clear it before the due date to avoid additional charges. It also allows its users to pay money through the Prefix Code through the online transaction portal.

In addition, It is not only a fast way to pay your bills or traffic ticket but it is a safe and suitable way as well. Furthermore, even it is recommended to pay through the NJMCDirect.com portal. You can even pay even if you are outside New Jersey. Below are the steps to pay your fees through the NJMC Direct portal.

www.njmcdirect.com ticket payment
  1. First of all, you need to visit the official site. (https://portalnjmcdirect-cloud.njcourts.gov/) or www.njmcdirect.com
  2. Search for any option “Traffic ticket search” or “Time Payment Order”
  3. Click on any of the options and Start the payment process.
  4. It will redirect you to a new page where you need to enter the required information (such as Court ID, Ticket Prefix, Ticket Number from your ticket as well as license plate number from your driver’s license).
  5. Once you input all the information, the next step is to click on continue and then the website will refresh. If all the information is correct then it will show you your ticket otherwise it will show an error message. In case of an error message, you need to input all the information again and make sure you write everything correctly.
  6. You will get two options.
    • NJMCDirect payment (Traffic Ticket) and
    • Viewing the NJMCDirect Ticket.
  7. Click on which one you want and proceed.
  8. In case if you want to pay the ticket then click on NJMCDirect traffic ticket payment and then proceed with the payment.
  9. There will be many choices of payment, choose the one which is convenient for you. (Credit card/debit card) (VISA or MasterCard)

If you want to check the transaction details of your payment, all the details are available in the website portal for a limited period of 90 days. In case if you have any problem with your payment or any other issues feel free to contact the customer service team for any assistance. Related article about the Kroger express hr official website at ess.kroger.com

Customer Service Details

  • Phone Number: 9732844945
  • Fax: 9732844914
  • NJMC Office Hours: Monday to Friday (8 AM to 4 PM)

Using the above details, you can contact the customer support team for all your problems with the portal.

Features of NJMC

There are many advantages of using the portal to pay your bills or traffic tickets.

  • Fast: The application is very fast and it only requires only a few minutes to make payments.
  • Nominal Fee: The fee is cheap and reasonable.
  • Convenient: To pay your fees or bills, all you need is a laptop or smartphones as well as a good internet.
  • Safe and Secure: It is a very safe portal because New Jersey makes sure that the user’s personal information is kept private. In addition, all the payments and tickets are kept private and secured.

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NJMCDirect is the only portal through which you can pay your parking tickets bills online. It is only for a resident of New Jersey however you can even pay your tickets or bills outside of New Jersey. You don’t need to go to court for paying a parking ticket. Using the above site, you can pay your bill/traffic ticket online easily. If you have any problem with making your payment, feel free to comment below.

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