Login to Powerschool | Students, Parents & Teachers

In this article, we will help you with how you could login powerschool for students/parents & teachers. If you have any problem with accessing your account we recommend you contact the school or any other official representative. Before we get into powerschool login, let’s talk about the things you can do on the portal.

PowerSchool is the best provider of K-12 technology and helps in connecting the staff of a school to share information easily. Also, It compiles data and presents it in the form of charts such as student’s demographics, parent’s contact information, attendance, grades, schedules, and many more. Also, read Publix employee login.

PowerSchool for Students, Parents & Teachers


In other words, It is an amazing software that a school uses to monitor students such as attendance, class performance, etc. Besides, it also displays grade based on the student’s test and runs various reports.

Powerschool Student Portal: By accessing this online portal from anywhere, students can log in to the portal to check their scores, assignments, grades, attendance, school notifications and more.

  • Powerschool Students Login URL – Every single district school has its own portal for students. Students can find powerschool student login from the school website portal under the resources section or parents section. Even you could search for “School/District Name” Student PowerSchool.

Powerschool Parent Portal: Parents can sign in to their account to check their children’s performance on the portal. Student’s assignments, scores, schedules, attendance, grades, and school notifications for all your children are listed. If your children studying different levels like middle and high school, then you will see two options on your dashboard with a bulletin to choose from. Similar to this, Walmartonewire allows the employee to get work schedules.

  • Powerschool Parents Login URL – Every single district school has its own portal for students. Students can find powerschool parent login from the school website portal under the resources section or parents section. Even you could search for “School/District Name” Parent PowerSchool.

PowerSchool Login ID for Students

If the school district is asking you to fill the student’s registration form through the Parent Portal then you need to add your children to your Parent account with the help of their Powerschool ID and password.

In case if you didn’t receive the Powerschool student ID and password (generated as well as administered by the school district) then you need to contact the particular school.

student id for login

Another related portal is MyNCEdCloud which is exactly similar to the Powerschool. Some district school uses a different tool (Skyward), so if you want to find your skyward login for your district school.

Try these few suggestions, before contacting the school.

  • Check your email inbox/spam folder for any mail from school which contains Student ID.

Still Not Working? Contact Support:

Even if the above guide didn’t help you then there is no need for panic. You need to contact your school district registration department. To get additional support, create a support ticket by following this LINK.

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Login to Powerschool

Login for Powerschool Parents & Students: All this information is available in the school or district website portal. You can contact the school representative to get your login information from them.

Access your powerschool login page from your school portal. Every school or district follows a necessary step to protect the student’s data, so they will verify the student identity before sharing the account details. Once you received the details, you can log in to the dashboard.

login for parents & students

When you log in for the first time then you need to :

  • Access the Parent or Student Portal. Every school or district provides a unique link for students as well as parents so that they can access their portals safely. You can get this link from the school or district. These links are specific and they don’t publish all the web addresses for all of their clients to ensure the protection of data.
  • Create an Account. Once you log in to the parent or student portal, the next thing is to create an account. Make sure that you securely input username and password.
  • Add your Students. You need to add all the access ID of the students to link them to your account.

Once the account is created, follow the below steps to access Powerschool Login for students/parents.

powerschool login
  1. Open the Powerschool Parent or Student Portal
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Click on LOGIN, to check your dashboard.

Other Related Login

  • Assessment & Analytics: Select your state and school from the option to view the Assessment (onTrac) & Analytics option (OnTrac IDS) & Powertest (iTest)
  • Registration: These logins are used by the school administrator to check new student enrollment applications, school choices, annual student, and lotteries.
  • Learning, Online Training & Powersource

How To Reset Password on Powerschool

PowerSchool helps the user to set up a new password so that the user can access his/her account.

  • Students: If any students had forgotten their password, then they could contact their school and request them to reset their password.
  • Parents can reset their password from the PowerSchool Parents Login website, follow the below steps:
  • Teachers can also follow the same instruction as parents.

Reset Password for Powerschool Parents/Teachers Login

  1. Click on the “Forgot Password” link from the login page
  2. Enter your Powerschool ID and click on “SEND Request”.
  3. Now you would receive an email with a temporary link to reset the password.
  4. Find the “Reset Password” link on the E-Mail.
  5. Enter your new password and confirm your new password to change the password.
  6. After changing the password, you can again login to powerschool for teachers/parents.
powerschool reset password

If you need any further help, reach out to the school or district administration for further assistance.

How to Add a Second Student to Parent Account?

In case if you have more than one child studying in the same school then you can use the same District Code and add your student to your parent account. To add students, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Visit Powerschool for Parents login portal to sign in using the id and password.
  2. From your dashboard, click on the “Account Preferences” which you will find on the left menu
  3. When you open the Account Preferences, find the students tab and click on it
  4. After that, you need to click on the Add + button and then enter your child’s student id and fill the necessary details to add your children’s account to your account.

PowerSchool Mobile App

It offers mobile app options where you can monitor your student’s performance on your mobile directly. Also, you get access to all the data such as student grades, attendance, and performance.

  • Search for “PowerSchool Mobile” on your Mobile Store to download and get installed on your mobile.
  • After installing, Ener your id and password on Powerschool login which could be used for parents, students & teachers to access the dashboard from the mobile app.

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We hope this article might be useful for any person who wants to access Powerschool login for parents. If you are well aware of powerschool, being a parent this helps more on improving your child’s education with this software. If you have any problem in accessing the portal, then do share it in the comment section.

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  1. I am tying to get my granddaughter Taylor Degree. Oakdale Elmentary logged into the CMS portal with no success.

    I have her password and her student I.D. Number and its not accepting it.

    Please help.


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