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Publix’s employee portal is PASSport Publix from this URL ( This website is for employees of Publix only, use the employee/associate username and password to access the employee portal to get their paystub, work schedule, benefits, latest company news, events updated on your PASSport dashboard.

Publix is a United States-based grocery store chain. It resembles different stores yet the thing that matters is that they have the best employee management system to enrich the workflow of their employees. The portal name is Publix PASSport which is completely focused on the employee workflow and the current and former employees can make use of this portal. Similar to this, Walmart manages Walmart Onewire for their employees.

Publix PASSport – Publix Associate Portal

Passport Publix is one of the nation’s best employee management software which is for Publix stores only. The organization has constantly attempted to keep things basic and simple for representatives.

publix passport login

It has been utilizing the Publix Employee portal for quite a while thus communicating with the employees in a better way. Company employees can do the following things when they access this portal.

  • Survey paystubs
  • Checking advantages and time plans
  • Deal with your things

This gateway has made things straightforward for its employees. The work schedule for the entire week and upcoming weeks are organized well in a perfect manner. Even the employees can apply for any time off from their home pc.

Before you can get access to the employee associate account, you should register yourself with the HR Department regarding the PASSport. Once you get these things done, you can connect from anywhere to access all your employment features and benefits.

In case if you had forgotten any login credentials which were sent to you by the HR department, then you should contact your manager or HR department.

publix oasis login

Guidelines for Passport Login:

The following are the steps you have to follow in order to complete the Publix login procedure.

  1. First of all, you need to go to official website.

Note that: The location is basically similar to the site which is “”. By visiting the webpage, you won’t get it to the login page. Now you need to click on the “Sign in” button at the top-most area of the page. Kroger & Co has its own Expresshr portal for its employees.

  • On the homepage of the official portal website, you will have the option of the “Sign In” button on the left side of the page. There’s additionally one on the screen, at the top right corner of the web page.
  • By choosing any one of these buttons, you will be directed towards the login menu on the portal.
  • The login menu will prompt for login credentials (username and password). Now, you’ll have to fill in the username that is basically linked with your account
  • Now at that point, you should enter your username and ID (Username and Password are given by the HR Department.)
publix org passport login
  • After you have typed the username of your Publix Oasis account, you additionally need to type in the password of your Publix oasis login account.
  • After these easy steps, you acknowledge that your login authorizations are implied accurately. Now, you require to press the green “Login” button, and you will get into your Publix account.

Possible Issues:

  • There are numerous potential reasons for you to experience issues with the login. These issues are caused by overlooking or mistyping Publix login credentials.
  • To reset your password, you should initially go to Open the login page, as you regularly would. Once there, you’ll see a connection at the base of the login menu. The connection should state “Problem with password”. Follow the link to reset your password.
  • Enable the cookies, so that your login credentials will be saved on your computer. So that when you are logging next time you don’t need to log in again. The site won’t work unless you enable the cookie.
  • Contact Publix for assistance. The general Publix HR telephone number is (863) 688-7407, ext. 52108

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Why Oasis is beneficial?

As a worker, you had to manage more works and this portal helps you with many options like work schedule management, paystubs, some additional benefits, life coverage plans and more.

All your communications with the company are monitored and self-evaluated to analyze your performance in the company. If you want to raise a claim for your health insurance you need to use this portal to check your health insurance benefits before applying.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Publix PASSport?

A self-care portal for Publix employees to manage their work schedule, pay stubs, benefits and so on.

How do I log into my Publix passport?

Below steps will guide you to login Publix passport :

  1. Official URL is or this LINK
  2. Enter your username and pin/password.
  3. Tap “Login” to securely access your dashboard.
How do I reset my Publix password?

Find the link (“Difficulty with password”) to reset your password on the Login screen:

  • Click that link to enter your user ID and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Check your mail inbox for any new emails from Publix with complete instructions.
  • Follow the instructions as specified on the mail and you will get your new password.
  • Login to the account using the new password.
How much do Publix employees make?

At Publix Super Market, Employees get paid around $11.90/hr. The overall range is $9.27/hr to $17.10/hr.

How many employees work at Publix?

The number of employees works at the Publix store is nearly around 122,000.

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