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By using pupilpath login students get access to check their class schedules, anecdotal, assignments, grades, attendance, calendar, progress, and more information about the students under the account section. Pupilpath provides school management services to empower teachers.

In other words, it is a school management system that serves instantly snapshots to students as well as parents. These snapshots will help the student to grow himself and identify his/her mistakes. Also check publix passport employee login which is referred as publix.org oasis login.


This guide is for students and teachers so that they can use this platform effectively. Furthermore, it also provided instructions about assignments, class schedules, grades, etc.

Below is the complete instruction for parents and students on how to use their portal.

Class Schedule: From this section, students and teachers can check their schedules.

Assignment Tab: This tab will be useful for parents to check their child’s assignment progress. Under this tab, you will get three options which are.

  • All Assignments
  • Upcoming Assignments
  • Graded Assignments

In all assignment view, you can check your child’s assignments (active at that moment). The upcoming assignment view will inform you of upcoming assignments and the graded assignment view will tell you the grading of all assignments (submitted). The big company in united states, Walmart has its own employee website at Walmart Onewire to access all employee information online from the dashboard.

pupilpath skedula dashbaord

Grades Tab: Under this tab, you will find the grades of the present as well as the past. Additionally, you will get more options to view your grade performance and transcripts from the below options.

  • Class performance view,
  • Report card
  • Transcript view,
  • Exam view.

Attendance Tab: Track your children’s attendance for all the classes they are present and attendance percentage.

Calendar Tab: This section is effectively useful for teachers to mark the attendance online for students.

Progress Tab: This is an effective section that allows parents to compare their child’s performance against school tracking as well as the New York Graduation requirements.

PupilPath Login (Step-by-Step) Guide:

For all the students who are looking to login pupilpath portal, kindly follow the below guide.

  • Students/Parents need to access the official website (pupilpath.skedula.com)
  • Click on the “Sign In” button, to enter the login details which you had used while registering.
pupilpath login

Since this website is not available for the general public, sometime you might see an error like “403 Forbidden”. This prevents unauthorized access to pupilpath student login from an unknown location. Like this login, kroger employees had to access the expresshr portal to check Kroger paystub.

How to Register Parents in PupilPath Portal

Many parents don’t know how to register with pupilpath, so if you are a parent and don’t know how to register then this article will be useful. In this article, we will also discuss how you can register as a parent.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Click on the “Parents Register” button.
  3. On the registration page, enter the necessary details like., Email address, First name, and last name
  4. Now enter your student information such as Child’s school name, Student’s unique ID number, date of birth, and Parent registration code from the class teacher.
  5. Once you completely filled all the details.
  6. Now, enter your password in case you are creating an account. Or else you could retrieve your password from forgot your password option.
  7. You will be able to see a confirmation at the bottom with a green color.
  8. Click on the “Register” button at the bottom.

Follow the above instructions to login as parents using the ID/email and password.

How to Reset Password?

The best way to remember the login credentials is by noting it on sticky notes. When you log in, google chrome allows its users to save the password on the cloud.

In case if you forgot your password then no need to worry because PupilPath allows parents to recover their password. Follow the below steps to reset your password.

  • Visit this link to follow this link.
  • Enter your Email and click on “Reset Password”.

In your email inbox, you will get complete instructions on how to reset the password. However, this option is for parents only, if you are a student and forgot your password then you need to contact your teacher. Also read: Elead login to access the CRM Dealer login

How to Display Grade Settings for Parents and Students

It also provides a service which is “Shared Data”. It is a type of data that can be viewed by parents as well as students. Skedula provides a grade output service through which they can judge the student performance.

Below are the steps for grade display settings for parents and students.

Step 1: First of all, click on the settings which you can find at the left menu bar.

Step 2: From the settings, click the “Grade Output” button.

Step 3: In order to modify the grades, first select the course. To do it, scroll down and choose the course which you want to modify.

Step 4: Under the heading of “Assignment Grade Displays”, you can tick what you want to see. However, you have 3 options which are display input value, display point value, and display percentage.

  • Display Input Value: Whatever input value you select will be shown. Example: input A grade, will show A-Grade only.
  • Display Percentage: This option will show the student’s test percentage.
  • Display Point Value: When you input the points, it will show the students who had scored that point.

Conclusion: If you are looking at one of the best school management services then you might find pupilpath as the best. It not only helps teachers while analyzing or compiling data but also helps parents to keep an eye on their child. Furthermore, it shows all the details about the student from attendance to grades. If you have any issues with pupilpath login, feel free to comment below.

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