TellDunkin Survey – Tell Dunkin Donuts Guest Survey

Dunkin Donut has launched a website where customers can give their reviews about the quality of food and service. The website name is “TellDunkin” and the only objective is to hear from customers about their reviews.

Opening a café or restaurant is easy but maintaining a good reputation is the hardest part. All kind of people comes to the restaurant and have their own review. Some will love your food and service while others find not satisfied with the service and food quality. However, to run a successful restaurant or café, the owner or management should focus on the negative comments.

Dunkin Donuts – TellDunkin

There is no doubt that Dunkin Donuts provides amazing coffee as well as other baked products. Furthermore, It is one of the top-rated cafes worldwide. The reason is that it is loyal to its customers. The best part is that it always meets customers’ satisfaction. This not only makes customers happy but it also helps them to be the number one coffee seller.

Furthermore, Dunkin Donuts has its application which you can download from the play store. Through this app, users can get many benefits such as discounts or offers. In addition, this app has almost 3.1 million downloads. Similar to Dunkin, Publix has its own employee portal ie., Publix passport which can be used to access the oasis login.

dunkin donuts guest survey

What is Dunkin Donuts Guest Survey?

The reason behind their popularity is its donuts, milkshakes, coffee, as well as iced beverages. The company has a survey form for their customers. This survey helps them to grow and build trust between them and customers. The survey includes questions which are regarding their services and food.

Why They Takes the Survey?

It is crucial to get customers reviews because these reviews will help them to improve their quality and service. The first reason is to find customer satisfaction. If a customer isn’t satisfied, not only he/she will avoid your café but that customer will give you a bad rating which will result in a bad reputation.

Taking Further Decisions

Sometimes feedback can bring changes. Let’s take an example, a customer didn’t like the background music. This will help Dunkin’s Donut to make the environment comfortable for the customers. Like this, Walmart had improved employee communication using the Walmart Onewire portal which can be accessed online by employees only.

Retain Customers

Furthermore, it helps to retain customers who stopped coming. Remember, a happy customer will always visit the restaurant again. Customer feedback helps the café or restaurant to retain customers to increase their business.

Benefits of TellDunkin

Yes, of course, They have a special offer for their customers who participates in the survey. According to the report, the company picks every 10 members in their shop and offers gifts to the customer. There is much more benefits for Kroger employees, and it can be accessed through the expresshr portal for employees.

When a customer completes the survey within 3 days, he/she will get all the things below.

  • Coupon code which will get you a free donut. If you don’t want a donut, you can get 3 oz soft-serve ice cream instead.
  • Get a chance to be a part of the sweepstakes. If someone wins the sweepstakes, then he/she will get free coffee for a year or an amazing prize.

Rules to Enter the TellDunkin Survey

Everyone can take part in the tell dunkin survey within 3 days but there are few limitations.

First of all, there is an age restriction. The age should be 18 or greater to take part in the survey.

The participant should have the latest receipt because you will be using a code in that receipt.

The survey is very easy, don’t worry.

  • First of all, you need to visit the TellDunkin website.
  • Enter your age (remember your age should be 18 or greater).
  • Enter the survey code which is printed on your receipt.
That code is very important otherwise you can’t take part in the survey.

Furthermore, if you can’t find the survey code, you can use the store number as well.

Tell Dunkin has the option of a store number option.

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Validity of receipt

You have only 3 days to take part in the survey. You need to visit within 3 days.



How to Enter Dunkin Donut Guest Survey

Below are the steps to take part in Dunkin Donuts Guest survey.

  • Visit the website ->
  • Choose the language
  • Input the 18-digit survey code which you can find in the receipt
  • In case if you can’t find the survey code then in the option, select “my receipt doesn’t have a survey code”.
  • After that, enter the 6-digit store number
  • You need to enter the date as well as the time of your visit. After that, click next.
  • Give honest feedback
  • Once you provided the feedback, you will receive a coupon

Use that coupon and enjoy your free ice cream or donut on your next purchase.

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Conclusion: Dunkin Donut is very famous because of its donuts and coffee. To earn customer’s trust, they launched a website where people can give their opinions & feedback. This feedback helps them to improve its quality and service. Offering free donut or ice-cream to the customers when they provide honest feedback about their shopping experience.

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